pickle: huge memory consumption *during* pickling

Gerrit gerrit at nl.linux.org
Thu Nov 11 20:25:36 CET 2004

Hans Georg Krauthaeuser wrote:
> Today morning we reached the situation that it took 6 hours to pickle 
> the class instance. The pickle file was than approx. 92 MB (this is ok). 
> During pickling the memory consuption of the python proccess was up to 
> 450 MB (512 MB RAM -> machine was swapping all the time).
> My class use data types taken from a c++ class via swig. Don't know if 
> that is important...
> My feeling is that I'm doing something wrong. But my python knowlegde is 
> not so deep to see what that is.
> Is there an other way to perform an autosave of an class instance? Shelve?

Are you sure you are using cPickle as opposed to pickle?

Gerrit Holl.

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