fastest way for humongous regexp search?

Tim Arnold tiarno at
Tue Nov 2 16:31:47 CET 2004

"Istvan Albert" <ialbert at> wrote in message
news:sZqdnc_PlckB8BvcRVn-pw at
> Tim Arnold wrote:
> > I've got a list of 1000 common misspellings, and I'd like to check a set
> > text files for those misspellings.
> A much simpler way would be to just store these misspellings as a
> (or set), read and split each line into words, then check whether each
> of words is in the set.
> Istvan

Thanks, I didn't know that would be faster.
But I need to match against the misspellings in a case-insensitive
way--that's the reason I'm using the regular expressions.


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