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Jorge Godoy godoy at
Tue Nov 16 23:05:19 CET 2004

James Stroud <jstroud at> writes:

> I have done shell programming in both python and perl for some time. I love 
> both languages for different reasons. At the risk of sounding like language 
> evangelicalism, though, I will advise you to use python exclusively. 
> Sometimes without thinking I still reach for perl to do 'shell' scripting (by 
> thinking in perl and beginning with the infamous "#! /usr/bin/perl -w"). In 
> these cases I invariably finish and say to myself "I should have done this in 
> python."

That makes two of us. :-)

But I'm going more to Python now.  I used to do a lot of things faster
in Perl when I was beginning with Python, now I am a lot faster in
Python. :-)  The main advantage is that Python comes with batteries
included ;-)

Godoy.     <godoy at>

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