How to sort a list of tuples

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>I have a list of tuples, and one of the fields in the tuple is score. So how can
>I sort the list by the score?

Python 2.4:

def sort_tuple_list(tuple_list, index_of_score):

If for example your tuple_list is of the format (v1, score, v3, v4),
then you sort by

sort_tuple_list(tuple_list, 1)

1 is the second item (0 is the first).

actual example:

>>> import operator
>>> tuple_list= [
	('chris', 15),
	('pers6', 3),
	('pers1', 56),
>>> sort_tuple_list(tuple_list, 1)
>>> tuple_list
[('pers6', 3), ('chris', 15), ('pers1', 56)]

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