Python OS

Kay Schluehr kayschluehr at
Sun Nov 7 16:10:34 CET 2004

Richard Blackwood wrote:

> An intriguing possibility, I do not see what obstacles exist here but 
> I am sure they exist.  A question:  In Pyrex may I perform a malloc?

Yes Pyrex could. See for example:

But this would not solve the deeper problem of defining a malloc ( or 
pymalloc ) where You can't use any
dynanism and of course no prexisting malloc. Any advantage of dynamic 
and interpreted HLLs gets lost,
when You have to deal with memory layout.

One could imagine a similar project than "Sanos" for Python, just 
replacing the JVM by the CPython-Interpreter.

But its not the same, than rewriting the OS-kernel itself in Python.


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