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Jean-Louis Nespoulous jean-louis.nespoulous at
Tue Nov 23 08:40:46 CET 2004

Thank you very much, but I will use ZODB as a server, and from a
distance client I'll get and save objetcts with XML-RPC. Do you think
it will be ok?


Dave Cook <davecook at> wrote in message news:<slrncq4gtd.5s1.davecook at localhost.localdomain>...
> On 2004-11-21, Leuk <jlnespoulous at> wrote:
> > Thanks very much for your information
> > But I would like to know how I'll write and retreive my objets when my 
> > system will be written in Java. At what time or how I'll switch to Python.
> Are you planning on using Jython?  
> In that case, you might want to find a Java solution that you can use with
> Jython.  I've used hibernate + hsql from Jython, but that may be overkill
> for your application.
> Dave Cook

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