printer delusion

Mario mario at nospam.null
Wed Nov 3 21:29:57 CET 2004

Hello, I am a new Python entusiast, I am studing it since some weeks and I
think it's a great language and I was very happy with it, but when I came to
make a printer routine I really got demotivated by the difficulty, why does
Python covers easily  the most complicated tasks and on the printer there is
this big hole? I was looking on the web, on newsgroups, to find some good
solution but I couldn't believe that there is this big lack on the printers,
as much I was happily surprised to find that Python handles easily diffucult
tasks, I had a big delusion to find out the lacks of Python on the print
problem, which is very important for me.

I really wish that soon will come out some implementation on the Python
native package to handle printing on the various platforms.

I saw that the most easy thing was to write a txt file and shell "notepad /p
filename" to print the data, (what a rude thing! imho), but that is not
enough cause I need to eloborate datas and print styled reports that I used
to code directly inside VB, but now I can't do it or is some cliffhanger

I started to work also for unix platforms and I thought that Python was the
perfect language to write multiplatforms programs, I was so entusiast about
it that I couldn't believe that I had to go in that problem now.

I really would appreciate that the developers will develope soon a global
print function that one can use inside the code, that can use styled texts
and graphics and then the interpreter will care about the os and printers.

Bye and thanks for any suggestion, if any.


PS: Was all too good to be true :P lol

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