printer delusion

Mario mario at nospam.null
Thu Nov 4 01:04:20 CET 2004

>"Larry Bates" <lbates at> wrote:
> When you are new to something you may want to consider
> going slow about criticism.  Quite often what you want
> exists and you are unaware of it at the beginning.

Hi, thanks for the answer, mine was not a real criticism, was more a
delusion to see that a powerful thing such as Python needs external apps for
making a serious printing task, instead of having a set of built in
functions that handle it, no matter what os you are in or if you want, or
don't want to use/install wxWindows, or produce pdf, or shell "notepad /p",
my goal is to produce and sell to my clients complete packages that doesen't
require third party softwares or libraries. Also because often clients says
"no way" about installing other things than what is strictly needed (for
security and stability reasons) and wouldn't be nice to install some big
library just to make the print job; I would rather produce a small
executable in C (or VB for windows) so to be called when it's needed to
print, but I would still prefer a built in function so I'll have a complete
indipendent app :)

Thanks a lot for the info btw.


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