cherrypy/cheetah vs twisted/nevow

Charlotte charlotte at donotspam.invalid
Mon Nov 8 12:36:01 CET 2004

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
>  Hi! That was the same reason that got me hooked on CherryPy: it's
>  simplicity, and the fact that it seemed so 'obvious' to use. 

Yes, I continue to love it. I wonder why it is not much more used.

>  As for
>  the redesign, I'm already using the CP2 alpha project for a few
>  projects of mine. None of them is 'life critical', and I'm not using
>  all features, but it seems very stable to me right now. The main
>  difference is that CP2 is now 'pure python', with no intermediate
>  compilation step, which makes it even more natural to use than before.

Yes, I like that very much. It makes it also much easier to unittest.
Would you be willing to share your experiences with CP2? 

>  I'm yet to study nevow, but I'm getting more and more interested. I
>  have my own approach to separation; I use to think about a third
>  entity, "structure", as being independent from code & ui. The
>  structure is the common part; it's the "glue" between ui and code; and
>  it's the first part to be designed. I'm still experimenting with this
>  concept. For what I have read so far, nevow seems to follow a similar
>  approach, although I haven't seen any reference to "structure" as a
>  third element in the design anywhere.

This is the way I like to organize my code to, and I have now found
out that HTMLTemplate also works like this. Which is great, because it
works with CherryPy.

>  For what I know, twisted is a huge beast, and forces you to a totally
>  different programming paradigm. There is a wsgi gateway for twisted in
>  the works, and that may make things simpler for pure web development,
>  as it will hide some of the inherent complexity of twisted async
>  design. For my own needs, I still prefer to stay with CherryPy.

I decided to stay with CherryPy for now. HTMLTemplate does a lot of
what I liked in Nevow. I liked formless, but that is not that
important, and I can implement xmlhttprequest things myself. What I
really like about CherryPy is that I understand what is going on. In
Webware, I was just following examples, and it worked, but I found it
rather complicated, with al the Kits I never used. And I know Webware
is actually supposed to be simple... 

Thanks for your input, and I would like to know how you like
CherryPy2, as your work progresses.


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