wxPython: how to update a panel content/layout according to a variable content

Lo?c Mah? loic.mahe at free.fr
Mon Nov 29 14:35:11 CET 2004

Thanks for the answer.

I will try the method you talked about.

For the moment, I am creating a new sizer and new panel
and call the SetSizer(...) and SetAutoLayout(...)
but this is not satisfying me.


"F. GEIGER" <f.geiger at vol.at> wrote in message news:<cnno7u$3c9$1 at newsreader1.utanet.at>...
> wxWindow has Update and Refresh methods. You can override the one of your
> wxPanel, where you can call all its children to update/refresh themselves.
> wxPanel's update could be triggered by a timer event, mouse event  or
> whatever.
> I do such things preferably in timers owned by the widgets themselves.
> Franz GEIGER

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