Help on creating a HTML by python

Gert-Jan den Besten gj.den.besten at
Mon Nov 29 10:29:49 CET 2004

sepgy writes:
> Can anyone help me to use a python to create an HTML photo gallery
> generator. When it's finished, it will be able find all the picture
> files (i.e. .jpg, .gif. .png files) in any given folder on the
> computer, automatically create smaller thumbnails for each image, and
> then generate a complete HTML file that displays a clickable image
> gallery. When viewed in a web browser, the HTML file will display the
> thumbnails in a neatly formatted table, and if you click on one of the
> thumbnails the full-size image will appear.
> Thanks

Your script is meant to create something like this?

A few months ago I wrote this script to get familiarized with Python. It 
has a few disadvantages:
* It is not written in English (in Dutch actually).
* Written using a procedural/modular programming style.
   No classes are used, so it is not very "Pythonic"
* Written to meet my needs to get pictures published on my website.
* No GUI.

When I get rid of the first two disadvantages, I will publish the 
sourcecodes on my website. It will be GPL'ed.

So far, I tested it on Linux and WinNT and it seems to work fine. It 
uses the "Python Imaging Library" instead of "ImageMagick". Using PIL 
gives it a better performance.

There is another option:
This is an Open Source application, built using Python. If you can get 
the source, this may be your best choice.



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