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Not ANTLR, but we do use SimpleParse/mxTextTools.  For an example, see




Also, check other web pages by David Mertz on "Text Processing in


His book with that same title is highly recommended reading


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> Anyone has used ANTLR?
> Daniel Dittmar <daniel.dittmar at sap.corp> wrote in message
> news:<cninkf$qga$1 at>...
> > Tran Tuan Anh wrote:
> > > I am searching for a suitable parsing tool to parse C++ for a research
> > > project.
> > > Actually I am parsing SystemC, it is a C++ lib with some macros, hence
> > > I need to modify the grammar a little bit to handle some new keywords.
> > 
> > OpenC++ ( is not written in Python, but 
> > it knows probably more about C++ than any simple parser generator.
> > 
> > Daniel

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