Pyro rocks (was Re: Is there something like tcl "send" command in Python)

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Nov 14 23:52:30 CET 2004

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> Peter Gordon wrote:
>> Is there somethin like tcl "send" command in Python. I would like to
>> be able to exucate calls in a python program on one machine from
>> another machine.
> After you added some infrastructure such as Pyro
> (, you can essentially
> invoke methods on objects on arbitrary machines.

I just want to put in a brief word praising the little
bit of Pyro that I've seen.

For a year or two now I've heard folks (often Irmen,
sometimes others ;-), mention Pyro when the question of
Python IPC comes up.  Each time I've made a mental note
to check it out when the need arises, but surprisingly
the need didn't arise before recently.

I finally had a small task that required something like
Pyro, so I installed it and tried it out.  The example
worked perfectly, so I set to work seeing how much trouble
it would be to get it working without using the NameServer
feature.  I believe it took all of ten minutes or so
and my program was up and running, split across two
processes, without much ado.

This is the second piece of Irmen's work that I've looked
at and I have to say, the man's a genius. :-)  As the
subject says, Pyro rocks.


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