RELEASED Python 2.4 (final)

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Tue Nov 30 21:33:41 CET 2004

Dave Merrill wrote:

>Should have been more specific.
>As I recall, after I installed 2.4rc1 I installed the latest versions of
>wxWindows and SPE IDE into it. The 2.4 copy of SPE died silently when
>started, which I can accept as a incompatible versions.
>What was strange to me was that at that point, the 2.3.3 copy of SPE did the
>same thing. After I uninstalled 2.4, SPE ran again under 2.3.3, and that's
>what I'm using now.

Some vague possibilities that occur to me --

The 2.4 version is missing some libraries, or has binary libraries that 
are compiled against a different version of Python.  (All compiled 
extensions must be compiled against a specific major.minor version; 
extensions compiled against 2.3 won't work with 2.4.)

You have path issues, such that you're attempting to run 2.3 libs with 
2.4, or vice versa.  Check which version is now your "default" 
(associated with .py/.pyw files, and/or found by typing a bare 'python').

I'm leaning towards the first of these as being most likely -- I 
strongly suspect that there are few third-party packages that are 
compiled against 2.4 yet.  Those should start appearing Real Soon 
Now(tm), though, now that 2.4 is officially released.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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