Microsoft Patents 'IsNot'

Paul Robson autismuk at
Thu Nov 25 06:36:22 CET 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:04:03 +0000, Lenard Lindstrom wrote:

> Greg Ewing <greg at> writes:
>> Lenard Lindstrom wrote:
>> > So Delphi is definitely not BASIC-derived. It is BASIC-like in that various
>> > basic dialects, including QBasic, came to support the structured programming
>> > that Pascal was designed from the beginning to teach.
>> So it would be more accurate to say that those Basic
>> dialects are, in those respects, Pascal-like...
> By saying Delphi is BASIC-like I just mean that many languages have come
> to resemble each, having adopted many of the same features. But it was
> definitely Basic that did most of the adopting. So yes, more precisely,
> Basic has become more Pascal-like. I was just giving the patent applicants
> a minor benefit of a doubt.

I believe the author of .NET is the bloke that designed Turbo Pascal, so
it's hardly surprising :)

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