ANNOUNCE: Ice 2.0 released

Tim Roberts timr at
Wed Nov 24 08:19:55 CET 2004

"Michi Henning" <michi at> wrote:
>we've just released Ice 2.0 with quite a lot of new features:

I'm sure this is a wonderful thing, but your announcement gives absolutely
no clue as to what Ice is or what it is used for.

Please include an executive summary when you make an announcement like

>- new language mappings for Visual Basic and Python
>- a new light-weight and super-efficient firewall
>- a streaming API that allows you to control the encoding and decoding of
>  objects in arbitrary formats (or the native Ice format)
>- dynamic invocation and dispatch interfaces, so you can write generic
>  clients and server that do not require compile-time type knowledge
>- new chapters in the documentation for the new features
>- numerous other improvements and bug fixes
>for more info.
- Tim Roberts, timr at
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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