asynchat and threading

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Mon Nov 29 22:05:14 CET 2004

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> twisted is too large to go into the python core as is - in addition, there's a 
> mismatch between Python's release cycle speed and twisted's release
> cycle speed (although the current delayed-until-who-knows-when Twisted
> 2.0 might be a harbinger of twisted slowing down to Python's speed <wink>)
> It's possible that in the future a small core of twisted could end up in the
> stdlib - this topic's come up a couple of times on the twisted list (most 
> recently, a couple of months ago).
> I wonder if the asyncore docs couldn't grow a 'See also' that points at twisted,
> though...

this points to an important issue that should be addressed at some point 
which is the ability to quickly and easily, on the level of rpm or 
apt-get, import external frameworks.  I have a body of code which counts 
on and  I have modified both and just created new 
versions to sit within my application.  Easy integration.

If I was to count on twisted, I would have another fetch fest collecting 
all the pieces as well as increasing the complexity of building my 

If I could simply do: py-get twisted
and have all of the dependencies resolved, it would be wonderful.  as a 
prototype, I would suggest wrapping apt-get with a python envelope which 
  automatically invokes apt-get with a python specific configuration 
file for .pydeb files as well as a private repository and database etc.. 
  Since apt-get exists for almost every version of Linux and should be 
portable to other platforms, this distribution method should be 
relatively distribution portable.

One can also handle upgrades of the core image of Python and ancillary 
packages as well by leaving a breadcrumb file indicating which packaging 
system is native and the package currently installed. <<- idea needs work

yea? nay?


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