strong/weak typing and pointers

Gabriel Zachmann zach at
Tue Nov 2 20:47:04 CET 2004

>  wall of abstraction".  A Smalltalk programmer would say that
>  Python is more weakly typed than Smalltalk for user-defined types.

which brings me to another related question.

I understand strong/weak typing is more like a continuum --
is there kind of a programming langauges hierarchy sorting various
langauges accoring to "type-strongness" that is generally agreed upon?

I'd be interested in a hierarchy containing some of the following
languages: ANSI-C++, C, Perl, Python, Pascal, ML.
(because these happen to be some of the languages i know a bit ;-) )

Would the following be justifiable?

    Perl < C < C++ < Pascal < Python < ML ?

Or does anyone have a pointer?

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