Need function to test if EFFECTIVE UID has read-access to a file.

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Nov 18 18:13:37 CET 2004

Markus Kemp wrote:
> Oh, and another reason why I can't use the method suggested by you is
> that I'm dealing with directories, not files. Then again .... I guess
> I could do something like:
> try:
>     os.listdir( strPathname )
> except:
>     print "No read access to pathname", strPathname, "!"
> Problem is, I don't wanna catch __everything__. Does anyone know what
> kind of exception is.listdir() throws if it fails to read a directory?

Why not just set up the conditions you are interested in
and try it yourself?  There are probably various different
ways to "fail to read a directory", so it would be best
if you created the specific conditions you want and tried
it out from the interactive prompt.


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