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Tue Nov 16 18:57:07 CET 2004

Christian Meissner <cme at> wrote in message news:<BDB82EB7.1CA7%cme at>...
> > Can you explain what you liked about Perl's csv_xz package and/or didn't
> > like about Python's csv module that motivated you to write your own class?
> > 
> > Thx,
> > 
> > Skip
> I'm a native perl speaker, but at my last work i had to learn python, to
> edit some zope thinks (quite difficult).
> Now i wanna learn python for me and i often work with csv files with perl
> but now i wanna develop some python programs for csv file working.
> In this task i would extend the csv module for my needs but there i get any
> errors, so it was easier for me to develop a class which is like the perl
> one.
> hope it is ok
> Chris

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