Help on creating a HTML by python

David Fraser davidf at
Tue Nov 30 17:11:19 CET 2004

sepgy wrote:
> Can anyone help me to use a python to create an HTML photo gallery
> generator. When it's finished, it will be able find all the picture
> files (i.e. .jpg, .gif. .png files) in any given folder on the
> computer, automatically create smaller thumbnails for each image, and
> then generate a complete HTML file that displays a clickable image
> gallery. When viewed in a web browser, the HTML file will display the
> thumbnails in a neatly formatted table, and if you click on one of the
> thumbnails the full-size image will appear.

Note that with the tool you can extract existing thumbnails 
stored inside JPEG or TIFF files without generating them yourself, which 
is much faster.
Most digital cameras nowadays generate these thumbnails...


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