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Craig Ringer craig at
Fri Nov 19 11:20:36 CET 2004

Sky Soe wrote:

>Hello Everybody,
>I've a big problem when I installed MySQLdb1.1.2 on python2.3.4 running on
>Linux 9.0.
Just a minor point - there's no such thing as 'Linux 9.0'. I assume you 
mean Red Hat 9.0?

It would be very helpful if you could specify how you installed Python 
2.3.4 and how you installed the MySQLdb module - for example, from 
source, from RPMs included with the distro, from third-party RPMs (and 
if so, from where?).

> And there is an error shows that " Cannot Import MySQLdb''.
>Another problem is that it shows me the fatal error that cannot run Python
>interpreter because of "Version Mismatch".
Cannot _run_ the interpreter, or cannot load the MySQL driver? IIRC the 
version mismatch error indicates that you have one version of Python 
trying to load modules compiled for another version, but Python will 
frequently continue anyway - just without the module you asked for.

Craig Ringer

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