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Mon Nov 1 22:14:49 CET 2004

Hi everyone!
I am new to Python; I've been learning the basics of the language from the online tutorial at, plus looked at some of Richard Baldwin's online tutorials.
I must firstly say that I have fallen in love with Python. I come from a Java background (I've been programming seriously in Java since the beginning of the year), and the simplicity and ease of use of Python is really appealing.
Secondly, I am obviously familiar with the basics of programming, especially OO. I've only really programmed in Java, plus a bit in Python now.
My main point: I've been looking for a good place to learn (by detailed, explained example, preferably) how to write Python programs and scripts: How to structure a program, how variables and functions work together, and just a general exposure to the different aspects of the language...
Something along the lines of Java's Java Tutorial ( would be favourite... :) Has anyone got any suggestions? Ideas?
THe Python tutorial is pretty brief, and glosses over many important aspects, IMHO. Well, it *is* an introduction to Python.

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