Python Design Patterns

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Tue Nov 30 11:41:09 CET 2004

Hello Dave,

    Thanks for pointing me to the Cookbook website.

Tony Ha.

"Dave Cook" <davecook at> wrote in message
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> On 2004-11-29, Tony Ha <tony.ha at> wrote:
> > I wonder, can any Python guru out there translate the Java examples in
> Should be a good exercise, and not just for gurus ;}.
> > book into Python examples, or write a similar book in Python, perhaps
> I've also wished for a design patterns book aimed at Python, or at least
> dynamic languages with first class functions and modules.  There's a paper
> Python book with "Patterns" in the title, but it has precious little
> in it related to design patterns, at least not the GOF variety.
> This web book has the word "Patterns" in it, too:
> But looks like it's mainly data structures.
> If you do a google search, and also search the Python Cookbook
> you can find examples of:
> Singleton
> Borg
> Null
> Factory
> Observer (including a Publish/Subscribe recipe)
> Memento
> State
> Decorator
> Masquerading and Adaptation patterns (Alex Martelli paper)
> Template (another Alex Martelli paper)
> Chain of Responsibility
> Proxy
> Prototype
> There must be good examples in actual source code out there, too.
> > called "Head First Design Patterns in Python". I think, this will be a
> > great addition to Python books, and a great benefit to Python community.
> I just bought this book as well.  I must have adult ADD, because I do
> the Head First format, though I disdained it at first.
> > P.S. I am not sure is this the right news group to post this request.
> Yup, this is the place.
> Dave Cook

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