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Eddie Parker eddie at
Fri Nov 19 16:46:24 CET 2004

The "cannot import MySQLdb" probably means exactly that - you probably 
don't have a module named MySQLdb in your site-packages folder. Perhaps 
worthwhile looking for it under your python install directory.

Craig Ringer wrote:

> Sky Soe wrote:
>> Hello Everybody,
>> I've a big problem when I installed MySQLdb1.1.2 on python2.3.4 
>> running on
>> Linux 9.0.
> Just a minor point - there's no such thing as 'Linux 9.0'. I assume 
> you mean Red Hat 9.0?
> It would be very helpful if you could specify how you installed Python 
> 2.3.4 and how you installed the MySQLdb module - for example, from 
> source, from RPMs included with the distro, from third-party RPMs (and 
> if so, from where?).
>> And there is an error shows that " Cannot Import MySQLdb''.
>> Another problem is that it shows me the fatal error that cannot run 
>> Python
>> interpreter because of "Version Mismatch".
> Cannot _run_ the interpreter, or cannot load the MySQL driver? IIRC 
> the version mismatch error indicates that you have one version of 
> Python trying to load modules compiled for another version, but Python 
> will frequently continue anyway - just without the module you asked for.
> -- 
> Craig Ringer

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