OT: Ruby programmers use Python (was Re: ruby on rails ... python on ?)

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Nov 1 13:09:00 CET 2004

Richard Blackwood [mailto:richardblackwood at cloudthunder.com]:
> >
> > To the OP: there are several Python "application frameworks"
> > which on the surface appear to be similar in goal to Rails.
> > I don't know much about them, and at the moment even their names 
> > aren't coming to me, so I can't help more than that.
> > I think a search for "enterprise application framework Python"
> > would probably turn up at least one of them.
> Do you mean Zope?

Most definitely not!  Zope is a "content management system".
At best I might call it an "Enterprise intranet framework",
though that's the first time I've heard it called such.


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