Fixed: pyMinGW patched Python compiles in MinGW & passes regrtests

A. B., Khalid abkhd at
Mon Nov 22 07:44:57 CET 2004

bokr at (Bengt Richter) wrote in message 
> Great work ;-) Minor glitch: In order to get a successful linking for python.exe
> on NT4 I had to add ../PC/_subprocess .c and .o into pythoncore.mak
> into the contexts where ../PC/config .c and .o appear, but otherwise
> is seems to have succeeded. python.exe runs in a windows "DOS box"
> much like my 2.3.2, and also runs under the msys shell, though the
> latter requires that I type raise SystemExit to exit from the
> interactive session.

Hello Bengt,

The subprocess module was added only in the beta release of Python
2.4. The pyMinGW version you had access to only patched the alpha 3
release of Python 2.4. I did update my local copy to include the new
module, and was going to update the publically available pyMinGW in
good time. It is good to read that you did manage to do it though. I
feel I should warn you, however, that by patching (in our case
replacing) a newer version with an old version of a Python source file
that you might be overwritting important updates and bugfixes that may
have been made to the source. At any rate, I think the latest pyMinGW
update is ready and I may post it today, and that would include, God
willing, support for Python 2.4rc1.

Also, the MSYS behavior of your system seems identical to mine, so I
wouldn't worry about that.


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