why python is slower than java?

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Nov 8 18:12:59 CET 2004

Roger Binns wrote:
> We are talking about different things.  Once you have written
> some nice big Java "Enterprise" app, you'll see the difference.
> I am not talking about the type system.  It is more about how
> Java applications are constructed.  There are multiple JAR files,
> many many properties files and the end user/adminstrator can
> change what happens and plumb them together by changing the
> properties files.
> You could do *exactly* the same thing in Python, but people don't.
> That doesn't make either language right or wrong, just that the
> emphasis and what is considered "normal" is different.

FWIW, this is something they are doing in Zope 3.  ZCML (an XML markup) 
is used to define the relationship of various components, in a role that 
is probably similar to Java properties, jars, etc.

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