inferred typing

Neuruss luismgz at
Thu Nov 4 06:29:49 CET 2004

Yes, as Ville already mentioned, Starkiller is a static type inference
system along with a c++ compiler for python.
According to its author, it should have been released already, but it
seems we will have to wait until he mangaes to get the time to finish

As for Boo, it is a python-like language for the .NET framework.
It has a very good type inference system, although the language is
statically typed (the difference with traditional statyc typed
languages is that you don't have to declare types everywhere, only in
those few cases where the compiler cannot figure out the types by
itself, but I don't want to talk to much about it because I'm far from
being an expert...).

You should also read about Pypy, which is a very ambitious project
currently in development. They are already working in a type inference

And as far as I know, it seems that something alomg these lines is
planned for Ironpython, but it won't be soon.

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