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> Josiah and M.E.,
> Thanks you for your replies.

You are welcome Mark and thanks for the followup.
It is always nice to know if the OP even got the reply ;)

> As I understand from your answers, 
> the colorised scripts on web sites have little to do with the 
> use of colorisation in script editors by Python programmers, but 
> those programmers who prefer an editor with colorisation 
> features probably apply colorisation rules similar to the pretty 
> looking scripts on websites and there probably is't a standard 
> colour scheme.

PySourceColor *is* an attempt to colorize as well as Scintilla. 
As far as I can tell there is not a default color scheme.
Maybe Idle or PythonWin.
And there are always Vim, and emacs......I am sure some one loves
those too.
I prefer the dark color scheme from PySourceColor, dark exactly
matches my editor. I bet most people feel most comfortable with
whatever they use most.
The colors develop associations.
If there is a concensus on the default color scheme I would be
intrested in knowing.
What is most liked or needed ?
Printing good colorized source is diffrent then viewing colorized
I prefer light text on dark page on a monitor (bad eyes) , but dark
text on light page to print (saves ink).
Diffrent color schemes are needed for diffrent applications.

Now I have a question.
What are you trying to do, or is this just for general knowledge?
Just curious,

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