newbie question

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Tue Nov 16 17:50:43 CET 2004

John wrote:

>Can python do Shell programming or system programming as perl does?
Yes.  The only problem is that the perpetual migraine you have from 
doing Perl and shell will quickly go away.  So, if you're into pain, 
stick with Perl and shell.  If you want relief, come to Python.

Seriously, though, Python is an excellent language for doing sysadmin 
type tasks. (I'm assuming that's kind of what you wanted?)  Most 
sysadmin type tasks are in modules whereas with Perl, they're cluttering 
the toplevel namespace (I don't think Perl has the concept of namespace, 
but you get the drift).  So, not knowing what you want to do, you may 
want to checkout the os module in Python (I've found os.path.* to be 
specifically helpful).  You may also want to checkout the shutil module. 


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