Should I learn Python?

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Tue Nov 16 19:00:20 CET 2004

sam at (Sam) wrote in message news:<624a388a.0411030512.3cf84547 at>...
> So you're saying, in order to write smart, clean, well structured,
> readable code, and have fun doing so, I'm going to have to drop PHP
> and use Python?
> I'm not really interested in finding a replacement for PHP, it works
> just fine for me.
> I apologize for not phrasing my questions clearly, I wasn't looking
> for critisisms of PHP or why I shouldn't use it. What i'm really
> after, is given that I use PHP to develop sites currently, what types
> of situations would/could i use Python in web development? Is there a
> point when learning Python, that I'll say to myself "why use php?".
> Thanks

learn python and you will answer your own question, php is just about
1 rung above perl in maintainability

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