scripting languages vs statically compiled ones

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Nov 3 03:12:53 CET 2004

Andrew Durdin wrote:

> On Tue, 02 Nov 2004 17:56:03 -0600, Programmer Dude <chris at> wrote:
>>Concur.  A while back I thought I could speed up a VB app that had
>>a lot of bit-twiddle operations by writting a C-based DLL for it.
>>Turns out it ran slower that way!
>>Having used the VC++ debugger to step through compiled VB code, I
>>can attest to it being compiled down to native.  Ratio is much higher
>>than with, say C or C++... I'd WAG it at about 10:1 or slightly more.
> On the other hand, I had to do base64 decoding of a string in a VB
> app; I got a very significant speed increase by rewriting that portion
> with a C DLL. So YMMV I guess :)

The difference is probably that bit-=twiddling operations require very 
little cmpute per operation, so in those cases the call overhead is 
likely to dominate.

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