Python CGI - Accepting Input, Invoking Another Process, Ending CGI

LarsenMTL larsmtl at
Thu Nov 4 17:36:54 CET 2004

"Diez B. Roggisch" <deetsNOSPAM at> wrote in message news:<cmb3nl$sj4$00$1 at>...
> > Based on previous suggestions from this group, I'm attempting to write
> > a python CGI that takes input from an HTML form, invokes a second
> > python script using this input, tells the user that their process has
> > started, ends the cgi output and later emails the results of the
> > invoked script.
> > 
> > My problem is that no mater how I invoke the 2nd script (spawnlp with
> > P_NOWAIT, system with &, etc..) the CGI caller continues to run until
> > it finishes.  If you press the stop button or close the browser
> > certain portions of the 2nd script finish but not all of it.  In
> > paticular the 2nd script uses teTex (invoked by os.system) to process
> > some tex files, this always errors out if the browser is closed or
> > stopped.
> Did you try to daemonize your script? That will decouple it from the running
> process, so maybe that helps. In the  aspn cookbook there is a good recipe
> for daemonizing.

Thanks.  I think I got it.  Looking at that recipe hinted me at the
idea that I need to close or redirect stdin, stdout and stderr.  Some
searches around here confirmed that.


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