psycopg, transactions and multiple cursors

Alban Hertroys alban at
Mon Nov 8 14:02:43 CET 2004

Oh no! It's me and transactions again :)

I'm not really sure whether this is a limitation of psycopg or 
postgresql. When I use multiple cursors in a transaction, the records 
inserted at the start of the transaction aren't visible to those later 
on in that transaction (using a different cursor).

Attached is a simplified example (the except's are a bit blunt, I know) 
of what I'm trying to do. In reality, the different cursors are 
sometimes run in differeent threads, or they're nested, which is why I 
can't use the same cursor for all queries.

Am I doing something silly again or is this a bug (in what?)? Does 
anybody here have some ideas about a solution for this problem? What is 
your credit card number (No, don't answer that!)? What will I learn this 


Alban Hertroys,
MAG Productions.
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