Tkinter for system administration?

Dave Benjamin dave.benjamin at
Mon Nov 8 03:27:09 CET 2004

Alex Martelli wrote:
> "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at> wrote:
>>Dave Benjamin wrote:
>>>Is Tkinter pretty common for simple behind-the-scenes admin tools where
>>>a GUI is required (for instance, data entry tools for non-programmers)
>>>or has everybody moved on to wx/GTK/QT/etc.?
>>Yes. It has the advantage that it is typically available when Python
>>and X11 are both available.
> ...and even when X11 is not available, such as Windows, or Mac (on the
> Aqua side of things -- many people don't even bother installing the X11
> implementation on their Mac...).

Right. Windows would be main target, for now, but the ability to port to 
Mac and Linux is definitely a bonus.

>>>For simple tools, is there any 
>>>reason to switch to one of the more popular GUI frameworks?
> I agree.  That's why I chose to cover Tkinter in the Nutshell, even
> though I got some surprised comments from some wx fans _and_ from people
> I know I prefer Qt: Tkinter is widely available, adequate for simple
> tools which need no complicated functionality nor spiffy looks, _and_
> simple enough that I could cover its fundamentals in 30 pages, examples
> included.

Thanks. This is what I wanted to hear. =)


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