crash when loading a lib on OS X

Christoph Pingel ch.pingel at
Tue Nov 30 17:12:36 CET 2004


thanks for picking this up. What I did was:

- Start python from the command line
- run "import orange" (orange is in site-packages)

I get a 'bus error' and python crashes.

Orange is a data mining lib for python:
I tried it with their lib, I compiled one from source on my machine, 
and I tried it with an older one another user sent me. All end up 
with this error.

I'm on a tiBook 668 MHz, running OS X 10.3.6

Looking at my logs, I found that other apps (that used to work) 
recently also crashed with EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001). Something in my 
system seems broken. On a OS X forum somewhere I found someone who 
experienced this kind of crashes when trying to run Logic Audio (a 
MIDI/Audio software by Apple) and got it running again after 
re-installing the system. However, the installer fails ('there was a 
problem with the installation process. please retry.') when I try to 
re-install 10.3 with the option to keep my settings. So I'm pretty 
much - stuck.   :-(

best regards,

>What were you trying to do? What program were you trying to run? We need
>more than a crash dump to help with this.

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