both text and graphical user interface library

Jesper pjn at
Mon Nov 1 19:16:49 CET 2004

I know that user interface library questions come up on this list every now
and then. I've lurked here for a while and also searched google for anything
that would fit my needs but haven't found anything.

What I would like is a python library that exposes a simple API for creating
a mostly dialog-based user interface. This library should work both on text
and graphical terminals and be portable.
The closest matches that I've found are:

anygui works with curses according to the homepage. Unfortunately
development seem to have stalled, the text-mode seem to be a "last resort"
and not a primary focus, and it uses an event based model which I'd prefer
not to use.

easygui has nice "linear" api, but seem to not support text mode at all.

Does anyone know of a library that would fit my needs? Or are the prefered
characteristics stupid for some reason?
What are everyone else using that want to support text mode? A pure
text-mode implementation looks a little odd in a graphical environment like


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