ANN: IPython 0.6.4 is out.

Fernando Perez fperez528 at
Tue Nov 9 18:35:28 CET 2004

Stefan Behnel wrote:

> Fernando Perez schrieb:
>> In a few weeks, I
>> will probably open a separate CVS branch for this, so that I can still fix
>> bugs for version 0.6.4 in CVS HEAD if they are found.  Needless to say, any
>> volunteers are welcome to help :)
> Just a quick note on this one:
> If you are already planning to abandon the current tree after the
> restructuring, why don't you put the current version into a CVS branch and
> continue working on CVS HEAD? You can still make changes to the branch in
> case someone finds bugs in it.

Thanks!  That is indeed my intention, so I'll probably follow your advice.  But
will this mean that unsuspecting souls using CVS will get HEAD automatically? 
If that's the case, I'll add a nice warning about HEAD becoming _really_
unstable for a while, so I don't burn anyone.  So far HEAD has been the place
for users to get cutting-edge bugfixes, so at least I should warn them that
this may change in the future.

I've never used branches in CVS, so I didn't really know.  Feel free to expand
with further advice, as I'm sure it will be extremely useful to me.



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