why python is slower than java?

Maurice LING mauriceling at acm.org
Sun Nov 7 06:54:00 CET 2004

> so as a result, I ask questions trying to describe the abstract case of 
> what I'm trying to do so that I don't get distracted down a rathole of 
> defending the application.  Needless to say, I suspect others are doing 
> the same thing and it's really really hard to describe the abstract case 
> in a way that's clear.
It is indeed tough to describe a situation in many cases. This may be 
due to 3 cases, firstly, it will be extremely long and tedious to 
describe the rationale for a decision or a situation. Secondly, during 
idea explorations, the codes are not even written and there is no way to 
present any codes in newsgroups because they simply hadn't existed yet. 
Thirdly, it may be legally criminal to post any codes without prior 

Even in academic institutions, because there are many industry sponsored 
projects, it is common these days that examiners of theses need to sign 
a NDA beforehand...


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