why python is slower than java?

Maurice LING mauriceling at acm.org
Sun Nov 7 00:44:19 CET 2004

> Not only that, but Maurice Ling has started a long thread a few weeks
> looking for a good research topic for his thesis (involving Java &
> Python, btw). At some points he was bashed, but went ahead with the
> discussion, that ended up touching in several interesting topics.

Thank you. You can do a google search and find my details anyway. Don't 
have to go around guessing my details. I have no idea of the motives of 
whoever that highlight "unimelb.edu.au". Does he have a problem with my 
institution or what, I am not bothered, as I am only a student. Email to 
the Vice Chancellor if he has a point to make, don't take it out on me, 
I don't have the title of a Professor prefixing my name.

There is a Chinese saying "waves do not happen without wind." If my 
impression of Python and Java is flawed, I am seriously wondering where 
it came from? Is it all due to benchmark data from years ago?

Before I am accused of trolling etc etc again, let me say this all over 
again. I am using both Python and Java actively and had contributed to 
BioPython project as well.

> As for the climate in c.l.py, it's just interesting to note that the
> climate *is* getting less friendly, and that it does coincide with
> several old-timers moving away from the list. A few years ago I
> remember that the likes of Tim Peters, effbot, Skip Montanaro, and
> several others (sorry, I would really like to remember more names from
> the top of my head) were frequent posters here. They've now moved to
> other interests, or are focusing their efforts on the python-dev list.
> It must not be a coincidence.
Maybe as the old-timers go off, the next batch of old-timers feel that 
it is too much to handle. Nobody requires anyone to answer to all 


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