Database updates to be reflected on my grid

Gino darthace at
Mon Nov 22 20:18:05 CET 2004


I am fairly new to python.  I have created a simple wxpython
application that has a grid on a form.  The grid is populated
dynamically by making a call to the database.  I have an event that
when a row is double-clicked on, another form is launched and the user
can eidt the values in the database and writed the changes to the
database.  This works fine, the problem is that once the changes are
made, these changes are not reflected in the grid.  I have tried a
grid.ForceRefresh() as well as grid.GetGridWindow().Refresh(True). 
Neither of whihc actually refreshed my grid values.  I need help on
resolving this.  I am using Python2.3 as well as wxPython2.3 and Boa
Constructor.  Can anyone help me please?

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