JMS for CPython via JPype?

Steve Menard foo at
Wed Nov 3 04:21:24 CET 2004

Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry for the potentially dumb question, but - would JPype make it possible 
> for a CPython program to use JMS? It seems that JMS is going to become a
> standard for (java-based) MOM, so as an excellent middleware language it
> should be possible for CPython to somehow "talk" (and understand) JMS...
> TIA,
> Best regards
> Wolfgang Keller

I am not very well versed in JMS, but unless it absolutely REQUIRE 
subclassing, JPype will allow you to make full use for it without problem.

How to actually interpret the contents of the JMS message is left as an 
exercise to the reader ;)


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