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Leuk jlnespoulous at
Sun Nov 21 21:54:59 CET 2004

Thanks very much for your information
But I would like to know how I'll write and retreive my objets when my 
system will be written in Java. At what time or how I'll switch to Python.
My system is intended to supervise a network and get objects (as processor 
attributes, system attributes ...) and after I would like to save these 
objects in an Object database (I think is more simple). Is for that I would 
prefer to use ZODB. But is it possible?

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> On 2004-11-20, Leuk <jlnespoulous at> wrote:
>> I would like to use ZODB, but I'm a newbie in Python, so I do not know if 
>> it
>> be more easy for me to use PostgreSQL.
> They are quite different beasties.  ZODB is an object database (based on
> trees of objects), whereas Postgres is relational (based on tables). 
> Using
> ZODB with your own object model is fairly transparent, whereas with any 
> database you have to write to and read from tables.  However, there are
> Object-Relation mappers for Python like SQLObject:
> ZODB only provides the database "engine", whereas Postgres has both server
> and client components.  ZODB is much easier to set up than Postgres 
> (really,
> you just install ZODB and go; Postgres requires a little more 
> administration
> than that).  ZODB provides no built-in indexing and query ability
> AFAIK, so you may want to install something like IndexedCatalog:
> Dave Cook 

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