Packing up zope+products as an exe?

James Davies james at
Sun Nov 28 07:14:09 CET 2004

Yes- as an installer (not as a standalong application). 

If you package up an entire zope tree (using anything from from
Installshield to WinZip self extracting exe's), you could create an
installer and place an icon on the users desktop.

Arsalan wrote:

> Hi.
> Is it possible to bundle up a couple of products + zope as a single,
> easily distributable .exe? Something like py2exe, but for zope. And
> cross-platform (i.e. an .exe for Win* and binary for *nix)
> I want my users (esp windows ones) to be able to start up my zope
> stuff locally with just a click...
> Thanks in advance
> --Arsalan

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