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> > > I'm yet to study nevow, but I'm getting more and more interested. I
> > > have my own approach to separation; I use to think about a third
> > > entity, "structure", as being independent from code & ui. The
> > > structure is the common part; it's the "glue" between ui and code; and
> > > it's the first part to be designed.
> > 
> > Err... I may have missed something obvious, but doesn't this smells like
> > a good old MVC ?-)
> In a way, you're right. The problem is that none of the templating
> models that I know of completely separates the 'M' from the 'V'.

Plenty of templating systems allow Model-View separation. Not all
*enforce* it, but this is a matter of philosophy [1], not an indicator
that a template system is good or bad.

Some templating systems (e.g. Nevow.Renderer, PyMeld and HMTLTemplate)
additionally separate presentation logic from markup via an approach
that's strongly reminiscent of Apple-style MVC, where the View layer
consists purely of GUI widget/template node instances and the
Controller layer contains code for (1) manipulating these objects and
(2) connecting to the Model layer.




[1] i.e. just an excuse for BDSM freaks and godless liberal Lispers to
have a good rammy now and again. Any competent developer will
automatically build a well-layered system, and no amount of nannying
is going to save an incompetent developer from themselves.

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