How come wxPython isn't in the standard library?

Benji York benji at
Sat Nov 6 05:57:22 CET 2004

BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
> IMHO, having a good GUI library in the stdlib would make distributing
> GUI apps much easier.

It would, but I suspect one (of the many) reasons this won't happen any
time soon is that Python and wxPython have very different release
schedules.  It wouldn't do for major advances in wxPython to have to
wait for another release of Python.

> Windows users (and many Linux users) doesn't like searching the net 
> to find and download lots of dependancies.

This is one of the reasons I'd like to see an automated install tool
available for Python.  I've been using Gentoo for a while now and really
like their "emerge" tool.  It quickly installs packages with full
dependency handling.  It's even written in Python!
Benji York
benji at

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