Microsoft Patents 'IsNot'

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Nov 26 05:11:47 CET 2004

Carlos Ribeiro <carribeiro at> wrote:
>I think that Delphi is *so* underated when it comes to language &
>framework design... Delphi suffered from a couple of problems; first,
>it was Pascal's child, and not C; also, because it was a proprietary
>project, owned by a single company.
>For some reason, being a Pascal descendant was regarded as a big "no"
>by a huge part of the industry, not to mention academia, that was at
>that time fascinated with the prospect of C++. I wonder what could
>have happened if Delphi (maybe with another name -- P++ anyone?) was
>widely adopted instead of C++ for big projects...

You are absolutely correct.  I have never understood the industry prejudice
against Delphi.  The code is just as efficient as the typical C compiler.
GUI design in the IDE has always been easier in Delphi than in Visual
Studio.  VCL is easier to understand than MFC
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