.pyc files...

Dan Perl danperl at rogers.com
Mon Nov 15 05:55:17 CET 2004

Right, a clarification may be in order.  I was following up on the part of 
the thread that was addressing only the removal of .pyc files and that is 
the "problem" I was refering to.  And I agree that my project does not 
address the creation of the .py[co] files in a location different from the 
location of the .py files (that's my understanding of PEP 304).


"Skip Montanaro" <skip at pobox.com> wrote in message 
news:mailman.6369.1100493358.5135.python-list at python.org...
>    Dan> I have yet another solution to this problem and my solution is
>    Dan> platforms-independent.  Look especially at the "Mini Tutorial" on
>    Dan> http://pyfmf.sourceforge.net/zago.html.  It shows exactly how you
>    Dan> can clean up the .pyc and the .pyo files in a set of directory
>    Dan> trees.
> Note that PEP 304 is about more than just cleaning up .py[co] files.  For
> any number of reasons you might want to write them in non-standard places,
> not just remove them after-the-fact.
> Skip 

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