Zope 3.0, and why I won't use it

Istvan Albert ialbert at mailblocks.com
Mon Nov 15 03:17:40 CET 2004

Steve Holden wrote:

> You managed to get it to run? I found the whole load opaque beyond 
> belief, and removed it after an hour's examination.

I had no problems whatsoever ... on the other hand I
been using Zope 2.7 for a more than a year so
that might have helped me.

In Zope X3 they make a big deal out of interfaces,
everything seems to revolve around that.


then I looked at this,


totally overwhelming. But I have confidence in
the Zope developers. I have had good experience with Zope
in general, did not let me down yet ... in the way
a few years back for example Tomcat would crash
if one set a cookie value that had a newline character
in it.


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